Campagne Living is a quiet, relaxed space, where you as a photographer have the space to capture the perfect story.

Campagne Living and its owners love real people, hence the space doesn’t judge and enjoy hosting all photoshoots

Campagne Living is a quiet, relaxed space, where you as a photographer have the opportunity to capture the perfect story.

Pricing and Info

Couple Shoot
One and half hours


Maternity Shoot
One and half hours


Engagement Shoot
One and half hours


Family Shoot
4 Members
One and half hours


Matric Shoot
Two hours

R900 per couple
+ R200 per additional couple

Family Shoot
6+ Members
Two hours


*Full Day Shoot
Eight hours

*Includes Photographers booking multiple sessions

Styled Shoot
Eight hours


Using of props
(once off fee)


Booking a horse

R300 per horse

A R500 fee per hour or part thereof will be charged for shoots that exceed booked time.

Rules and other important information

At Campagne Living we invite you with respect and want to share what we created with you, we only expect the same respect in return.

For hair & makeup artists & clients – please ensure you only use one electrical item at a time (hairdryer, straightener, curling tongs). No extension cords are to be used to accommodate more appliances. This will cause tripping of the power and interrupt the flow of the day significantly if we need to keep correcting power failures.

Our furniture and object d’art are carefully selected and sourced, please do not move the furniture and/or stand on it without consulting us.

We ensure that the Hothouse and the surrounded areas are cleaned and prepared for you, please leave it in the same manner. The fee excludes the use of any staff member of Campagne Living carrying equipment or assisting with cleaning. Should you require assistance, please make prior arrangements.

We dispose of all waste through our recycling system.

There is a large bin out the back of the Hotohouse that can be used and we will ensure it is sorted in the correct waste bins for recycling.

Please do not throw away any food items whatsoever. We use all off-cuts for compost.

Please do not dispose of anything besides toilet paper in the toilets, we make use of septic tanks.

There is one dedicated smoking area (by the bell at the herb garden) with a large cement pot filled with river sand for cigarette buds. Please do not flick or kill any cigarettes in the gardens or grass as fires spread very quickly in this area, especially in dry seasons.

Please ensure you part in the dedicated parking area and not in front of the Hothouse as this interferes with photographs being taken. If you’ve parked at The Shack for offloading your equipment, please move your vehicle to the parking area before the photoshoot is to begin.

Please mail us proof of payment at least 24 hours prior to the shoot (

Please adhere to the time of the shoot. In the event that the shoot runs outside your booked hours, kindly inform us.

Entry and use of the facilities are at your own risk. You are at all times responsible for your and your party’s safety. Campagne Living will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or death whatsoever incurred while using the premises, or as a result of using the premises.

We look forward to having you with us at Campagne Living and creating a wonderful day together.